Locksmith Services For Your Home

At New Fashion Locksmiths we believe in offering our customers with high quality locks at unbeatable prices. We provide a variety of lock products to keep your Charlotte home secure. Our locksmith services include lock repair, lock replacements and lock installations.We repair door locks of any kind, old and new.

Don’t settle for sub standard locks and locksmith service. Hire a professional and licensed locksmith to recommend and perform security to the entrance doors of your Charlotte home. Many people have found themselves to be victims of theft simply for the fact that the locks they had guarding their property were cheap and easy to bypass by intruders. Our locksmiths know the difference and are trained to explain to you what that is.

House door locks and locksmith services

  • Locks Repaired: We repair door locks of any kind, old and new.
  • Locks Changed: We provide door lock replacements for your home.
  • Door Lock Installation: Professional deadbolt and door knob install.
  • Re-Key Lock Cylinders: Re-pin and re-code existing locks to new keys.
  • Key Alike House Locks: Convenience of one key for all your locks.

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Security is paramount for what is your largest investment. Not only does it keep yourself and your family safe but it also keeps your possessions safe too, some of which may be irreplaceable. You therefore need to ensure that your home has its security looked after by an Licensed Residential Locksmith 28278.

Whilst the best solution is to use your local Charlotte Residential Locksmith 28278at  licensed locksmith to help ensure your property is secure so that no break in occurs, in the unfortunate event that you have suffered a burglary then your professional Residential locksmith 28278 will be able to

Losing or misplacing house keys is an inconvenience for you and your family. See how Charlotte Locksmith 28278 Association can help you at the most inconvenient of times in the most convenient manner. Accessing property after losing or misplacing the original keys doesn’t mean accessing by smashing glass or damaging expensive doors to your home. Master Locksmiths are trained to access properties painlessly and effortlessly.

Charlotte Locksmith 28278  Approved Company have been vetted, are regularly inspected and employ a locksmith with an exam based qualification to ensure you get the highest level of service.