Commercial locksmith solutions for every business.

Commercial Locks
We sell a variety of commercial locks. Heavy duty locks, deadbolt locks, door knobs, mortise_chrome_door_lockoffice locks, high security locks and much more…
Keyless Entry
Tired of carrying keys around? consider having a combination lock installed on your office door. We offer mechanical combination locks and digital combination locks. You can also choose from biometric fingerprint entry lock sets.
Access Control
Would you like to control who and when they have access to enter your business? Consider having an access control system installed. Magnetic locks, electric strikes and electrified latches. Keypads, proximity cards and key fobs can control these systems.
Exit Devices
Fire department regulations require commercial buildings to have one motion egress devices installed on emergency exit doors. Consider having a push bar panic device on the interior which can also be controlled for entry from the exterior with a key cylinder, door knob or lever handle.
Buzzer Systems
The ability to buzz customers in is of great convenience if you keep your entry doors locked. We offer a variety of options for buzzer systems such as multiple push buttons, remote control entry, mechanical paddle handles, levers, push bars and more…

24 Hour Commercial Locksmith Service.

At 24 Charlotte New Fashion Locksmith we understand when you may be in an unfortunate situation. You may be locked out of your car or house and need a locksmith right away. Our locksmiths in Charlotte, NC are local and available to answer any emergency locksmith service request quickly. We dispatch within one minute after receiving your request. Following dispatch, the locksmith calls to confirm so there may not be miscommunication. Shortly after the locksmith will appear and open your locked door in no time.

Why choose us for your Commercial locksmith needs?

  • We have local locksmiths in Charlotte, NC.
  • We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • Our locksmiths are trained and certified.
  • Professional job and quality workmanship.
  • Locksmith service for business, car and house.
  • Our locksmiths are licensed and fully insured.
  • Fast and reliable locksmiths you can trust.

Security is of course vital for businesses. Not only does it keep property safe but also employees. Then there is the convenience factor, for example electronic access control systems that can monitor and control who has access to various areas of your business, or master key systems that mean you don’t have to carry around large bunches of keys for all your locks.

Don’t forget, a lot of our professional Commercial locksmith 28278 do more than just locks and keys, with a large number offering services in other areas of security such as grilles, gates, security shutters, CCTV, alarms, electronic access control etc.

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